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Hello team!

Hope you’re all well and in good spirits!

Make income sharing what you love with a GDI blog! I love sailing and hiking and sharing my love with others! If you want help building your website too, feel free to connect with me.  Also check out all my stories and sailing accounts at my GDI blog:


This Weeks Hit Counts and Other Info: 


So this week we got 5 new people who signed up to find out more about GDI Team Elite and 2 who are now in the process of actually joining and one new member! Great work!
Great work on getting all your hits for the team! As a co op our uniting together to get hits allows us to get more hits and more signups because of our focus! Great work making it all happen!

Your hits counts are shown below.

 Keep Up The Good Work – Go Team!


Hit Counts:

Here are the hit counts from June 25-July 1st for all those who are generating hits. Members who have a hit count below 10 will not be posted at this time. All those in my group even with zero counts will still get the team emails as always and the stats will be reset every Sunday morning Pacific time.


GDI User Names Listed Below:

7albie – 877
knightsgdi – 135
odlewis111 – 188
wahinebiz – 1344
  • shane73- 436
  • recpark – new member

If you have trouble getting your 1000+ hits, you know what to do….just ask me or your direct sponsor for help. And remember that auto-surfing is not allowed simply because no one sees our ads. If no one sees them then no signups comes our way for us.

Have you seen the possibilities for what can happen for you with GDI Team Elite?


Let me break it down real quick:


Get five referrals and GDI pays out $5. No biggie right. But hold on.  Each of those then refer five so now that means you’re making $25 on your 2nd level. Each of those refer 5 of their own. That’s $125 monthly on your 3rd level. If this continues on level four you would be making $625 and on level 5 you would be making $3125 per month. 

Now of course this is hypothetical, but you know with everything if you don’t give up you will eventually find these people who love the product and the compensation plan and just stick. 

Hope this encourages you on your weekly mission getting your hit counts!

Note: If you wish me not to continue sending these team emails to you then please let me know and I’ll take you off the mailing list.

And remember that I am always here for you! If you have questions you can always email me, Skype (sailingwithalbie) text or call me. 



cell: 626-379-5692




 I really care about your success!

 I want to help you focus on what your really great at and help you start a plan to implement that! I’m a big believer in Jim Rohns quote:

“Formal education will earn you a living but self education will earn you a fortune.” Jim Rohn. 



Thats why I will be showing you some life changing programs on this blog that will help you:

  • Focus on what your really great at – not just at what you can do well.
  • Change your financial world!
  • Travel and work from anywhere in the world! 

I can hear you saying: “I’ve heard that before, or “that’s nice but how realistic is that?”

But that’s where I can encourage you to think differently!

It’s your mindset that has to change FIRST before you can do anything great. If you don’t think you can do anything amazing – then your right! But change your mindset and find the tools to make it happen and you will! 

Thats why I’m here!

To help you get started on the right foot!

So let me start with your first step:

Working together. 

I know you’ve seen the results of doing a project with your friend. It brings you together – right!

I’m glad you’re on my team! I know we can do great things together. 

~Albie Derbyshire


cell: 626-379-5692


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To your success!


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Welcome to my blog!

Make income sharing what you love with a GDI blog! I love sailing and hiking and sharing my love with others! Feel free to check out all my stories and sailing accounts at:


On this page I will show you a few safelists I use every day. Start with these.

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Easy to do, Easy Not to do!


Welcome to Vision Today!

I love sailing, hiking, personal motivation, business and sharing what I love with others! Feel free to check out all my exciting adventures at my websites below!

Today I want to share with you how Jim Rohn changed my life with this simple little message: “Easy to do, Easy not to do!”



Basically he was saying that success in anything on a daily basis “is easy to do but easy NOT to do!”

What exactly does that mean?

Well let me explain.
Many successful habits don’t have to be time consuming or difficult but since they are not difficult to do, they also are easy to neglect. However, if you do not neglect doing them, it is the accumulation of them over time that makes them so powerful!

So next time you find yourself overwhelmed by life’s demands, just hold on to the basics. Whether or not you exercise (for example) half an hour or longer, if your day becomes too demanding, just make sure you exercise a little. The habit is more important than anything else.

Yes the amount of time you spend is important too but when you destroy your habit or are not consistent enough to FORM the habit, that’s when it will all fall apart!

So taking this habit to your business is also the same concept. Build your habit and keep it – even if it’s just five minutes. The daily habit will force your mind to contemplate how to eventually find more time!

Did you catch that?

Over time you will keep getting better and better!

Want to know 3 Habits that will change your life? 

1) Attention to Reading or daily Learning

2) Attention to prayer and focusing your mind 

3) Attention to fitness 

Check this video out for more info:

Now want to find a  habit that will change your business?

Contact 40 – 100 people a day on Facebook and have 5 conversations a day. Don’t shove your business down there throats.

Just talk and see where they’re at and what they want. That’s it. This single habit will blow your business up – in a good way!

Watch this video for more details:

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▪ Earn full time residual income!

▪ Learn how to create a real online business – not just a hobby.

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▪Generate 20 leads per day on YouTube

▪Real life lessons on starting a successful business from scratch with zero investment.

So don’t waste any more time! Create your habit of working on your business today!

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Make income sharing what you love with a GDI blog!

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