Becoming a GDI Team Elite Leader II

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Sailing with Albie


How are you this week! This week we had one new sign up!  The hits this week have been a little low so  keep working each day on your advertising. Good job Lynett on getting your advertising going this week! I also wanted to welcome Barbara and Ursula aboard! So great to have you! Good job Shane for getting your website up and running! Shane has two members put under him so far. Make sure you continue to go after your 1000 hits so we can put the next one under you.  I’m looking forward to help you all get your six members! This week I have something important again to share with you! Last week was PART ONE of becoming a TEAM LEADER and this week is  part II. 🙂 

Tips on what it means to become a GDI Team leader.  (part II)


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Tips on what it means to become a GDI Team Leader.
Part II:

What most people don’t realize is how MANY income streams you can build with GDI Team Elite!

So because of this lack of knowledge, when things don’t happen fast enough – they drop out.

The thing many don’t realize is that this is how business works. You’re going to have a “drop out rate”. But you’re also going to have a “retention rate” too.

GDI has a good product and is also a good company. I mean, I think its like the 36 fastest growing company in the US. and also is a Fortune 500 company. It has a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of A+. How can you get any better than that?

In addition GDI Team Elite really works. Because of these positives you will have people who stay. So being patient and persistent will eventually bring you success with GDI Team Elite.
One critical point in this is realizing that caring about your team is really important. If your team realize that you care and that you want to help them – this creates a bond and gives fuel for success with your team. 
 Email Marketing

It’s when team leaders don’t give real effort to be a good team leader that GDI Team Elite falls apart.

This is what happened to me at first. I was put on a team that the leader was not putting her whole heart into helping her team. And I felt that. She was still a good team leader but if she had just added a little more work and personal help she would have succeeded and helped us all to succeed too!

Two things I have learned from working with my mentor (a 7-figure online income earner) is that personal communication is KEY to building your online business.

Let me share two important places where communication is so vital.
1) Communication through advertising. GDI does amazing at this because of our team effort which hits the market with thousands of hits a week! Try getting multiple thousands of hits on your own each week and you will see how hard it is. 
2) Communication with your team. This is through email, and as many forms of personal contact as possible. Also building your GDI website and blog are helpful here too (as you can see!)
2) Communication through your email list. This builds momentum over time especially as your email list gets bigger and bigger. This opens the door to many new members joining over time as they see your consistency, your emails over the years and ads from your team!


Brand your pages, Track your Daily Hits!


Weekly Tip:

Work on your website or blog. Its how people will get to know you and how you will build rapport for your business. Check out my GDI sailing blog here. Let me know if you need help with yours!

This Weeks Hit Counts and Other Info: 

8 -5-18

Hit Counts:

Here are the hit counts from July 5th  – August 12th for all those who are generating hits. All those in my group even with zero counts will still get the team emails as always and the stats will be reset every Sunday morning Pacific time.


GDI User Names Listed Below:

7albie – 1266

knightsgdi –

odlewis111 – 73

shane73- 45

Lync22 – 123

Barbsmoneyline100 –

rjas19 –

gdiwinteam –

recpark  –

maxwell –


If you have trouble getting your 1000+ hits, you know what to do….just ask me or your direct sponsor for help. And remember that auto-surfing is not allowed simply because no one sees our ads. If no one sees them then no signups comes our way for us.


Have you seen the possibilities for what can happen for you with GDI Team Elite?


Let me break it down real quick:


Get five referrals and GDI pays out $5. No biggie right. But hold on.  Each of those then refer five so now that means you’re making $25 on your 2nd level. Each of those refer 5 of their own. That’s $125 monthly on your 3rd level. If this continues on level four you would be making $625 and on level 5 you would be making $3125 per month. 

Now of course this is hypothetical, but you know with everything if you don’t give up you will eventually find these people who love the product and the compensation plan and just stick. 

Hope this encourages you on your weekly mission getting your hit counts!

Note: If you wish me not to continue sending these team emails to you then please let me know and I’ll take you off the mailing list.

And remember that I am always here for you! If you have questions you can always email me, Skype (sailingwithalbie) text or call me. 



cell: 626-379-5692



 I really care about your success!

 I want to help you focus on what your really great at and help you start a plan to implement that! I’m a big believer in Jim Rohns quote:

“Formal education will earn you a living but self education will earn you a fortune.” Jim Rohn. 


Working together. 

I know you’ve seen the results of doing a project with your friend. It brings you together – right!

I’m glad you’re on my team! I know we can do great things together. 

~Albie Derbyshire


cell: 626-379-5692

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