If You Want More…Become More

These are important concepts Jim Rohn used to talk about:


“If you want more, become more.”


If you want to make more money, bring more value to the marketplace.” 




Sailing with Albie!

Hi Team! 

If you don’t plan ahead, you will fall into someone else’s plan. 



 How are you this week? This week we had 4 subscribers, 3 people asked for the link, 1 person emailed me back and we had new sign ups this week!

CONGRATS to our newest members: Rene Kramer’s & Briant Williams! 

As there are not any of our direct team members on Step Nine, we are helping Marija, Igor and Krishna as they have helped build our team too. 

Thanks to Elizabeth for helping us with more editing on The Sixteen Steps. Her team hit a total of 10,685 hits this week! SUPERwork!

Arthurs has had 1842 hits for his team this week. Good job! 

Torab (under Arthur) is our newest Team leader but is in hospital for a chest infection. Please keep him in your prayers! 

Congrats to Steve and Edet for getting their 1000 hits and above! John Vance came in close too. Great job!! 

Great work Steve for getting through  Step 6 and working now on Step Seven. Congrats to Eric working on Step 1. Great job Dustin for going after getting hits to his Replicated Site link to get his first referral. Great job Walter for moving forward with the Steps. 🙂 


 Good job everyone working to get to the next step or to get hits for the team including Lyn, Wayne & Leyon, Roger, Steaven and Shane. Please contact me this week to move forward.

  Mark, Brenna, Phil, Joseph, Esther, Brian Ramirez, Henry and Jeremy please contact me this week as we want to help you find success on our team too! 

We did combined total of 10, 266 hits this week. If you add both Elizabeta’s team and Arthurs together we had  20,951 hits! Thank you for all your hits this week. For some we need to put in some more effort. We could NOT have done that many hits without ALL of your help. This combined total allowed us to bring in 3 new members this week, so remember how important you are to all of this.

Don’t forget that getting a 1000 hits allows you to be qualified to receive new members under you and become a team leader also.  Also don’t forget to go after getting you $25 starting bonus while you have time!





This week I want to share with you “The Power of One” and what a dramatic effect this can have on us all! 



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The Importance of

The Power of One” 

So this week Krishna (one of our fellow team members) shared an email with me called the Power of One by Brian Rooney (from TrafficWave).


I was glad Krishna took the time to send it to me and that I took the time to read it! 

Why spend five mins to read this?
Because it will give you a real STRATEGY that you can really FOCUS on! 

After you read it, I believe you will find the vision you are looking for! Also look for my comments at the end.



“‘Network Marketing Wealth With The Power Of One”

Most of the time, when we hear about a powerful success story in network marketing, we are hearing about someone that just ran some incredible numbers on an almost impossible to believe level.

While it is exciting to read about this sort of success, most of us tend to think that we just can’t achieve that sort of wealth in network marketing unless we become a power house recruiter and put hundreds of people in to the business, personally.

This article is designed to show you what can be done when you commit to being consistent and focus your efforts for a while, no matter which network marketing business you are building.

I call it:

The Power Of One

This plan is designed for the part-timer that may only have a few hours to spend on their business each week. They aren’t going to quit their job any time soon but they do want to build a business on the side with the expectation that they will have the option to fire their boss or cut their job hours back should they choose to do so.

What we are going to focus on is bringing in 1 new referral each month. Just ONE.

Can you do more? Yes but this example is going to focus on the sort of power and leverage you can build up by bringing in just one new referral and (this is the important part) teaching and helping them to do the same.

Let’s take a look at what can happen with this incredible Power Of One system in your network marketing business.

Remember: We are focusing on getting ONE new referral each month. We are going to then work with that new referral to help them do the same.

So let’s take a look at what can happen.

Month 1: You are just getting started with your new business. You are excited, of course! You probably don’t know much about the pay plan or how it all works but you can definitely see the potential. You reach out to some friends and you bring in one new referral. You now have 1 referral in your team.

Month 2: You and your new team member from last month also bring in a new referral. Your group grows by 2 so you now have a total of 3 referrals in your team.

Month 3: You and your 3 referrals are getting the training. You are working together and you each bring in 1 new referrals. Your team now has 7 total referrals.

Month 4: You and your team are staying in touch with your upline leadership team. You are working together and you each add a new referral. Your network marketing business now has a total of 15 people on your team. You have personally referred just 4 of those!

Month 5: You continue learning about your business. You are now seeing some results and your team is getting excited! You each refer just ONE new referral in this 5th month which now brings your network marketing team to a total of 31 members!

Month 6: By this time, most people have quit their network marketing business. They probably said something like, “I don’t like get rich quick deals” but then got frustrated because they didn’t make money fast. Most folks have been working their regular jobs much longer than 6 months and not only are they not rich yet but they have no reasonable expectation that their job will ever make them rich. But they keep waking up in the morning and going to their job.

You and your team recognize that this is a process that may take some time. You are committed to each other and your future success so you continue working together,. You spend time on personal development. You keep learning more and you each put one new referral on the team this month! Now your network marketing business has a total of 63 people and your team is really starting to get excited!

Month 7: You are starting to feel the excitement in your team, now. This Power of One is really starting to have an impact on your network marketing business. Your team is growing and so is your income!

You and your team are building momentum. Some folks may be putting in more than 1 new referral now but let’s keep doing the math based on everyone on the team bringing in just one new referral this month. Your team continues to grow and now you have 127 people in your network marketing business.

Month 8: Now you are really starting to feel the excitement! This thing is actually working! Your network marketing team is seeing results and you continue working on personal development. Your team follows the system and you each add one new referral. Your team now has 255 members!

Month 9: Your team reaches 511 members this month! Depending on your company’s pay plan, bonus incentives, etc… your income should be at a very nice level by this time!

Month 10: By following the simplicity of The Power Of One, your network marketing business has now reached 1,023 team members!

Month 11: Can you believe your team is now 2,047 members strong?

Month 12: 4,095 members in your network marketing business in your first year!

And Now For The Reality Check: If you are like most folks, you probably gave up around month 3, 4, or 5. Somebody told you “no”. Guess what. That happens to folks who have been in the industry for years and are earning 5 and 6 figure monthly checks, too. We all hear “no”. Those who succeed just didn’t quit. They just talked to the next person on their list.

The key to successfully implementing this plan is for YOU to make up your mind that you are going to see the plan all the way through. Recognize that some will do more than others. Some will do less than others. Some will quit. Some will excel. That’s what happens in the real world and it’s no different in the network marketing arena.

We all know that there are tremendously successful people involved in network marketing. The first question is for you to ask yourself: Am I ready to become one of the success stories? If you are, then make the decision to follow this plan. Don’t beg people to join your opportunity. Invite people to partner with you as you follow a plan to create financial freedom together.

Consider working harder on the front end and go for 2, 3, or 4 new referrals and work with them to do the same. Momentum is a powerful ally in your network marketing venture. Put it to work for you. Build as fast or as slow as you like but the key is to continue building your business!”


BrianRooneyAbout The Author: Brian Rooney escaped the rat race in the year 2000 by starting his own home based business. Since that time, Mr. Rooney has provided tools and training for thousands of network marketing professionals via his internet marketing services. Click Her To View The Presentation


Brain Rooney is part of TrafficWave and we at GDI
Team Elite work with TraffficWave later when you become a team leader to build your list.




Wasn’t that great!


Do you see how if each of us implements this, just how powerful this will be for our team and what it will do for each of us?! 

So here is a quick insight: not everyone who joins your team will actually do anything! I have noticed this with multiple opportunities that I have been in. So in order for this strategy to work for you, you will need to go through a few people to find the good ones.


Feel free to share this strategy with each of your team just like Krishna shared it with me. We will also talk about the possibility of sharing this in the introduction Steps of The Sixteen Steps to help get this in front of our team right away. 


Any suggestions? Feel free to email me back and share them with me! 


Always remember that things of value take time to build. 







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Here are the hit counts from  February 3rd – February 9th for all those who are generating hits.

If you meet the weekly requirement of getting at least 1000 hits using your team link, you will get your 6 over the course of time”. 

.Please preferably get hits from safelists sites although some Text Exchange (TE)sites are ok. The list of TE’s inside TE Profits are acceptable. However, please realize that we get more signups from Safelists as apposed to TE’s and SOME TE’s are NOT good).

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.The key is to advertise particularly in safelist sites, everywhere you possibly can.

All those in my group even with zero counts will still get the team emails as always and the stats will be reset every Saturday afternoon Pacific time.

GDI User Names Listed Below:

7albie – 5,133

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lyncoulter – 16

Barbsmoneyline100 –

rjas19 –

gdiwinteam – 0

recpark17  –

geefster  – 2

biggem28 –

Juanbenero77- 1

ekuzevska5 – 30

Torab8 – 210

mtrimcheska1 – 57

rjs28 – 4

Edarch3 – 942

Ivoljc – 1

Successbuilder10 –

Johnv7 – 759

Hostmartz – 3,244

r2rguru – 19

If you have trouble getting your 1000+ hits, you know what to do….just ask me or your direct sponsor for help. And remember that auto-surfing is not allowed simply because no one sees our ads. If no one sees them then no signups comes our way for us.


Hope this encourages you on your weekly mission getting your hit counts!

Note: If you wish me not to continue sending these team emails to you then please let me know and I’ll take you off the mailing list.

Weekly Tip:

Work on your website or blog. Its how people will get to know you and how you will build rapport for your business. Check out my GDI sailing blog here. Let me know if you need help with yours!


And remember that I am always here for you! If you have questions you can always email me, Skype (sailingwithalbie) text or call me. 



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I want to help you focus on what your really great at and help you start a plan to implement that! I’m a big believer in Jim Rohns quote:

“Formal education will earn you a living but self education will earn you a fortune.” Jim Rohn. 



Working together. 

I know you’ve seen the results of doing a project with your friend. It brings you together – right!

I’m glad you’re on my team! I know we can do great things together. 


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