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This week I want to share with you the path to six figures:



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The Path to Six Figures:

So the path to six Figures must be able to be measurable.
My mentor showed me that you must be part of an opportunity that firstly even allows you the ability to make six figures.
That’s why when working with him, the opportunity he used had ways to make residual income and $100, $400 and $1000 bonus income. Residual income is the key factor but also if you can make an additional 400 – $1000 a month consistently then you can start to measure how close you are coming to that goal.

Measurable First Step:

GDI Team Elite has made one thing very clear to me. It has brought in new paying members consistently and that generally stick too. This is a measurable and encouraging.

.Second Measurable Step:

The second step that GDI Team Elite has done is that it has shown me that duplication is possible. Duplication of team leaders is the key. Once you have four to six good leaders under you, then things start to move away from you. Income starts to come in from “nowhere” as these teams begin to duplicate under you and soon you are not even a big part of it anymore.
I mean, for example, my sponsor team leader is making residual income from all my efforts! Haha! 
Four leaders that grow, who bring in 5 new members each, means $20 monthly (beside what members you have and are earning from on your first level). Anyway, no biggie but once your team members duplicate and get their four then we are talking $100 on the third level. And times this by four legs and you have $400. Of course it just keeps on going and growing. So $400 turns into $800 and eventually it becomes $800 on just one leg.
The key to this is DUPLICATION.
If it can’t duplicate then it can’t grow.
GDI Team Elite Helps you get 6 paid members. So once you have 6 x 6 leaders on five levels it’s like 7-9k a month
So put 6 into box called “number of referrals” and 6 into the box of the “number of levels”  and see what you get:
 You can see the GDI calculator here:
Email Marketing


Third Measurable Step:

The third measurable step is building multiple streams of income. There are three really great income streams that work really well with GDI Team Elite. These are TrafficWave and The Power Leads System. Both of these allow you to build capture pages for your team and build your list. Traffic Wave is an essential part of becoming a team leader and is not expensive.
There is much more to TrafficWave that we could talk about but these are mentioned in a different article. You can see that here:
But The Power Leads System can change things very fast for you.
We’re talking the possibility of creating $600 residual income in your first 6 months and 10k a month residual in a year.
My personal mentor makes at least six Figures just from PLS. And he makes seven figures all together.
Also everyone who joins me in PLS has the opportunity to connect and be mentored by my seven figure mentor.
Nevertheless there are these concerns I want to make clear to everyone:
PLS is not like GDI Team Elite
GDI Team Elite works with Safelist marketing and this is because it allows trust to build and also is not expensive to join. These are very favorable to GDI.
In my opinion, PLS needs to be introduced with a personal touch from the very beginning to be effective.
The advertising should be word of mouth or a personal connection via Facebook or social marketing as this allows trust to build. After that PLS is completely duplicatable all by itself. Just following the steps it gives is all you have to do.
But try doing PLS without the personal touch and you will see a lot of people dropping out.
This is because they don’t have that personal connection. Here is the importance of personal connection:
Needless to say, without trust, people don’t stick.
This is why I encourage PLS later on as a possible income stream to those on my team who already know me and trust me.
Yes it’s a great step to connect with PLS and join, but it may be best to join AFTER you have become a team leader – if you can. Just realize that GDI Team Elite is possible to do without PLS but it will take longer.
With PLS, you can use the system with your capture pages and with your list and a multitude of other things that I don’t have the time to explain. But I will say this. Being mentored by my mentor Alan Cosens will change your life and change how you see online marketing. It will also change how you see GDI Team Elite. You will see your mailing list with a whole new set of eyes.
Here’s a link you can go to and see my mentor Alan Cosens and he will explain the importance of building an email list.
Also you can test out PLS here for a seven day free trial.
Its important to realize that it takes daily work to create residual income with your own business.

.You can achieve it with GDI Team Elite one step at a time.

This is where you have to start or nothing will build. If you start now, in a years time you will have built something substantial (if you are consistent and hard working).



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This Weeks Hit Counts and Other Info: 

10-14 -18

Hit Counts:

Here are the hit counts from October 7th – October 14th for all those who are generating hits.

If you meet the weekly requirement of getting at least 1000 hits (preferably from safelists sites) using your team link, you will get your 6 over the course of time”. The key is to advertise everywhere particularly in safelist sites you possibly can.

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geefster – 629

biggem28 –

Juanbenero77- 440

ekuzevska5 -1811


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