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Hi Team!

(FYI: I update this page once every month)



Who Hit 1000 Hits or Above?


John Vance

(John is doing completely free traffic!!) 



Rob & Charlotte



Ray Aires

Jeff Knowles




first timers:

(last two weeks)



Want to see your hit counts? Go here

(otherwise keep reading for more mentions!)


Honorable Mentions

(almost 1000):




Who Reached What Step?

(From the Sixteen Steps)

Who’s where?




Alan Babby: Intro Step

Roger: Intro Step

Jean: Intro Step

Elaine – Intro Step

Shavon: Intro Step 

Deborah Kenco: Intro Step

Roy Harvey: Intro Step

Ray Aires: Intro Step

Gerry: Step 1

Marino: almost Step 1

Bryan Chan: Step 1

Beiata: Step 3

Lynette: Step 7

Vivat: Step 4

Rob & Charlotte: Step 6

Stein: Step 7

Eric: Step 3

Ray Aires: Step 3

Edet: Step 5

John Crane: Step 5

Dave Massabini: Step 5



Leaders & Upcoming Leaders:

Torab: Step 8

Krishna: Step 9

John: Step 9

Jeffrey: Step 11

Arthur: Step 11

Lyn Coulter: Step 7

Stein: Step 7

Santosh: Step 12

Apurba: Step 9


(Almost done!) 

Igor: Step 12


Sherry/Joey: Step 16!!!

Diane: Step 16 !!!


Good Work!

“To HAVE more, BECOME more.” 

Jim Rohn


Did I miss you or get your Step wrong? Email me:


Congrats to Diane Mumm’s team for getting 17,342 hits last week and 0 new members Diane has helped Sherry/Joey and Jeffrey Become team Leaders! Great work Diane.  🙂

Unfortunately Diane has lost two team leaders recently. This could happen to anyone. However, I wrote a special article due to these losses and I hope it helps all of you and our leaders. But she is on a roll with three new members this week alone and will build it back up soon I’m sure. 


Congrats to Igor. His team hit 14,050 and 3 subscribers and new members. Great job Igor’s team!


Congrats to Debbie. Her team hit 5772 and 3 subscribers and new members! great job Debbies team!


Congrats to Rob & Charlotte. They have got their first member for the Step 3 bonus! 


Congrats to Stein. He has made it to Step 7 and received his second new member this week!

Congrats to John Vance almost reaching Team Leader! John has 5 new team members now and only needs one more member and to finish Step 9. 🙂



Thanks to Elizabeth for her constant help editing and helping with the The Sixteen Steps. We just added a lot of new information to Step 8 and were able to do this with the help of Elizabeta, Diane Mumm and John Vance! Thank you!

This week Elizabeta’s team hit a total of about 15,557 hits and about 60 subscribers and 0 new member’s . Elizabeta has helped create 3 team leaders this far: Igor, Marija and Krishna! 

Great work everyone! 


Congrats to Marija. She has 0 new member this last week.


Congrats to Krishna. This week he had 5325 hits! Congrats Krishna!

Arthurs team had 1654 hits too and 7 subscribers! Great work!

Torabs team hit 2022 hits. Great work Torab & Steve. Steve only needs three more members to qualify to become a new team leader



Good job everyone working to get to the next step or to get hits for the team!

 Marino, Elaine, Shavon, Jeff Knowles, Alan Babby, Brian, Edet, Godlieb, Steaven, Roger, Lyn, Wayne, Leyon, Walter and Shane. Mark, Brenna, Phil, Joseph, Esther, Brian Ramirez, Henry and Jeremy please contact me this week as we want to help you find success on our team too! 



We did combined total of 17,286 hits this week. Last week we did 21,939Our combined total with Elizabeta’s team, Marija’s team, Arthur’s team, Igor’s team, Debbies team, Krishna’s team and  Diane’s team, team was 63.762. We had 75.402 last week.


Want to see your individual hit counts? Go here:



Want to see the Newest Team update article? Go here:




Thank you for all your hits this week. For some we need to put in some more effort. We could NOT have done that many hits without ALL of your help. This combined total allowed us to bring in MANY new subscribers to our lists and this is where new members come from. 


Don’t forget that getting a 1000 hits allows you to be qualified to receive new members under you and become a team leader also.  Also don’t forget to go after getting you $25 starting bonus while you have time!




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