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Hi Team!

“I remember saying to my mentor, ‘If I had more money, I would have a better plan.’ He quickly responded, ‘I would suggest that if you had a better plan, you would have more money.’ You see, it’s not the amount that counts; it’s the plan that counts.”” 


Jim Rohn


PS: Did you just read that? If so you have to read my article this week and see how just following basic principles of not quitting and persistence to find correct marketing skills changed everything over time for Elizabeta and myself (and it will do the same for you too!)


How are you this week my friends?

(After this article, you will see team update and team hits).


This week I want to share with you about the 5 Crucial Skills and how important having your mind ready for success is.

Here’s a practical pic of how the 5 Crucial Skills work:


So as you can see the First Crucial Skill is Effective Advertising. This is not exactly easy. Getting 1000 hits is only the first goal. The second goal is to get your 1000 hits from EFFECTIVE Sites. The third goal is to get more than a 1000 hits from every effective place you can. The fourth goal is to learn how to track your hits and measure your results. This first skill took me a while to learn. However, the Secret of the Big Dogs will help you as will the Sixteen Steps.


The Second Crucial Skill is making effective splash pages that CONVERT into Subscribers. This is critical. If you’re only getting 1-2 subscribers a week, then your problem is either you’re not getting effective advertising or your splash page is not converting very well. You should be getting at least two subscribers for every 1000 hits. And actually that is a bit on the low side.


The Third Crucial Skill is building a BIG LIST. When I say a big list, you have to first get started building it. Then you have to be patient to build it really big. Without a big list you will not see much results. Everything will be hard until this list gets big. If you have effective advertising and a effective splash page, then building your list big will start to happen. But if you’re thinking that two subscribers a week will do it – that will literally take over ten years to build just a medium sized list if that is how many subscribers your getting. You need 15-40 subscribers a week to get started building it BIG. If you’re not hitting your goals then contact me and let’s see what we can do for you. 


The Fourth Crucial Skill is Effective Communication. And this is what I REALLY wanted to talk to you about. So if you have lots of advertising to a converting splash page that gets subscribers, then you WILL GET people responding to you if you have your emails set up in your autoresponder written properly.


You know, once they respond to you, having a script to share with your subscribers and those who contact you is a start but if you really want to SUCCEED here, your mind has to be ready for success. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is crucial to this equation. People can tell whether you’re having success or not or even if you’ve gone through whatever it takes to be able to guide them to the next level. They can FEEL this subconsciously and know whether your effective or not. That’s why I drew a bridge. This bridge represents something you have to cross in order to have the success you’re wanting when communicating with others. One of my mentors told me that I had to turn my failures into success or in other words grow my success from the manure of my failures. Think this is easy to make a lot of mistakes and keep plugging away and getting better? As you can guess, it’s not easy. That’s why I laugh when I see all these programs promising quick success online. It has nothing to do with reality and it’s why I went through forty different programs without earning hardly anything online.


So you must be willing to fail and fail again (just like a child learns how to walk) to get to a point where you’re confident about what you’re doing and can “cross the bridge” and effectively communicate the correct things to your prospect. I’ve seen people do all the right things and not succeed and this is because their mind is NOT ready for it. They’re not confident, they’ve not been willing to go through enough failures to beginning to eventually succeed, they’re not learning and growing leadership skills to know how to grow a big team AND possibly they’re still complaining about everything, still have a negative attitude, doubting their success, still believe that they just haven’t got their “lucky break” and aren’t willing honestly to do the work required to succeed. WOW. That was a mouthful (lol)! So some or all of these things may be your problem. And if it is you need to work on changing this a little EVERY day. And read the “Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles. It will help more than you can imagine. It’s a book about setting goals with your mind and how powerful your mind is in helping you achieve that.


There’s one more Crucial Skill and that’s Skill #5: Building Funnel Pages. And once you have a BIG list and a BIG team, then you should be be building funnels for your list and team to go through so they can find all the tools and resources that you used to build your team so big. Here’s my list and a small funnel for you right here, so you can see what I’m talking about: 

My main funnel is the Prosperity Marketing System, Inside of it is the Elite Traffic Club where we have over 442 pages of free promo codes and free advertising credits for our team to use (Plus a ton more of helpful things). It also helps new members to make 100% profit much faster than any other program I know of. I also use the Power Lead System every single day to create unlimited splash and capture pages, and its unlimited single opt in autoresponder for me and my team. I also use Referral Frenzy to gain a big advantage each month in advertising and of course  AE Mailer which Elizabeta and I created to advertise and open the doors for new users to understand how to send free ads through this with our training. I hope this helps you get the idea of how important the Five Crucial Skills really are. If you’re not working daily through the Sixteen Steps, then get started. And if you want personal mentorship, then see the PS. below this article. 


I hope this helps you! 


Need help or have questions?



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See the compensation plan here. Okay, so what this means is that if you pay $12 month for PMS and get one new member under you, then you have earned $10 back, right off the bat. In GDI this $10 would take you having to help get ten people under you to earn that. Do you see what I mean? So am I trying to get you all to drop your GDI membership? Of course not. If you understand leverage and if you’re really in it to win in the long term then I’ve already convinced you that GDI is worth it. But why not earn your money back faster at the beginning? That’s what I’m trying to say!


So if you’re with me, or still skeptical, you can see ALL the advantages of joining the Prosperity Marketing System below (you get the benefits of the Mentors Program too):


And if you’re tired of reading and are convinced already, you can actually join here.

By the way, let me know when you join so I can help you get everything set up for you so you can promote both at the same time!



If you want to ask me a question about this, Email me:


A few weeks ago, I made a training of how to use Referral Frenzy. It will teach you how to set it up, how to send your ads and what tricks and tactics we use to get the most out of it! 

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By the way, come back here when you’re done and see your team hits etc..

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.Don’t forget everything of real value takes time to build! Be patient with yourself. 🙂







This week we had subscribers. We had 2 people asked for links, 1 people emailed me back and 0 signed up. Last week we helped Rob & Charlotte get a new member! This last week, no one qualified for getting members for team leader. You have to be getting 1000 hits or more and going through the training. For Team leader you must be past Step Seven. Darian is on Step Six! He might bump out some others ahead. Let’s see what happens!  Great work Team!


Did you realize that we hit our highest team hits EVER six weeks ago of 29,989 TOTAL hits!

Congrats to:

Congrats to Bruce for highest hits of 2,878, Grahame for second highest hits of 2,478! KC for third highest hits of 2,448! Congrats to Ruby & William came in forth with 1,615! Honorable mention to Charles for 805 hits and Darian for 705. Don’t forget that 1000 hits is the only way you qualify to become a team leader. 


Don’t forget you all make it happen!


  Keep working on the Sixteen Steps and keep up your 1000 hits. You WILL become a team leader if you do! 

This Weeks 

Hit Counts



Here are the hit counts from June 24th –  July 1st for all those who are generating hits.

If you meet the weekly requirement of getting at least 1000 hits using your team link, you will get your 6 over the course of time”. 

. We would prefer you get hits from safelists sites because we have documented evidence that we are getting sighnups from Safelists.

This is NOT true for TE’s. Although some Text Exchange (TE) sites may get our name out there and may have some use as far as “branding” (The list of TE’s inside TE Profits are better) we would suggest you use your time wisely. SOME TE’s are a complete waste of time and money.

.Please see the GDI TE guidelines about this at

.The key is to advertise particularly in safelist sites, everywhere you possibly can.

All those in my group even with zero counts will still get the team emails as always and the stats will be reset every Saturday afternoon Pacific time.

GDI User Names Listed Below:

(everyone with 0 hits not showing)

7albie – 3,990

lyncoulter – 5

Torab8 – 483

sailorob – 453

BearpawGeneral – 6

wairoa1 – 14

monax1 – 1

michealpett – 299

best4u – 235

bluskye – 2,478

Colake02 – 805

successunlimited2019 – 1

reidburnz72 – 1

jcesero – 13

Onlinewealth (Douglas) – 40

Knightz2 – 2,448

TheGem – 1,615

rodneycolemanonline – 168

angler625 – 5

Onlinewealth (Duncan) – 17

Dakesgdi1 – 705

bruce1615 – 2,875

karenjw2020 – 4

Lorenzo nkouedjo – 190

wmyrral – 3

Shane197336 – 4

WinningwithDan – 4


This Week’s


1 week back: 20,136, 

2 weeks back: 16,464 

6 weeks back: 29,989 

(highest score ever!!)

(Almost beat highest score!) 

21 weeks back: 23,050

Our second highest score:

43 weeks back: 23,221



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