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Hi Team!

““The only way it gets better for you is when you get better. Better is not something you wish, it’s something you become.”


Jim Rohn


How are you this week my friends?


This week, I want to share with you Fifteen Questions you need to know to begin having success online. I’ve added the answers for you too so you can test yourself. Let’s begin: 

How long should you give yourself to succeed online? 
Answer: Many of you answered these questions for me and John Vance was right about giving it as much time as needed. That shows determination and persistence (both which are needed to succeed!).
I’ve heard other leaders say to give it at least five years. It’s hard to really get going and get the momentum you need without a certain amount of time behind it.
1-3 years allows you to build the infrastructure and leaders of your business and the fourth and fifth year your teams should be duplicating and building their leaders and your income should be getting to a place where you can go full time.  
What good is personal development and why do I and you need to read and learn every day to succeed? 
Answer: Yes many of you were right about motivation being important. Albert Einstein said something like “definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.” Personal development allows more minds to be involved and help you work your way out of mistakes we often don’t even realize we are making.  
Why do I need to track my links and what am I looking for from doing so?
Answer: Torab answered this very well, so I took his answer: “To find out where it best responses are coming from and focus money and energy on more productive marketing.” Great answer!
Why do I need my own list and what will an autoresponder do for me?
Answer: To keep communicating with the list to create Know Like Trust and so that they get a chance to respond back to you. Auto responder will send emails automatically to your list saving lot of time. 
What is the phrase inside of an email from your autoresponder that catches your prospects attention and if the email was helpful causes them to respond back to you.

Answer: “Hello “name” do you want to have more free time?” Was one answer I got. That was a good try!  :-).

However the answer is: “Send me the link” or “reply back and connect with me” is the phrase that catches attention and creates the personal interaction a team leader or internet marketer is looking for. also it is important to NOT put a link inside an email that you want a response from. If they’re interested, they will get distracted by the website link and forget to respond. If they don’t respond they will lose that chance of getting to know like and trust you. 
What on earth is the most Important thing to say to someone who responds to my email and asks me to send them the link or asks me “why should I ask for the link?” 
Answer: The thing you say to people when they respond back to you requesting more info or the link is to share your story with them and your failures and successes with them. This helps them identify with you and to give them hope they can succeed just like you have. Even if you’ve had only a little success – it’s important to share that. Even having got your six is a success most people online have not had.
Why is important to have your own picture on a splash page ad?
Answer: Many of you answered this correctly. Torab’s answer was: “So people can put a face to name and begin to trust you more.” Correct!
Why is it important to make new splash pages every other week or so?
Answer: So people take more notice otherwise they get bored. This creativity allows you to gain more subscribers if your page has enough value for them to want to subscribe to you. 
Why is getting more than 6 subscribers a week important?
Answer: Torab has mentioned “So you know you are doing something right on on right track.” This is basically correct. Six subscribers is a basic average that I’ve noticed from myself and other team leaders where you hopefully will at least get one who asks for the link and join – but not always. Sometimes it takes 15 or 20 or 30 subscribers depending. 
Why 1000 hits a week? 
Answer: So the 1000 hits a week is an average where subscribers start to begin coming in. 
How many hits on average to actually get 6 subscribers? The answer is NOT 1000 hits. 
Answer: So 1000 hits equals about maybe 1-2 subscribers MAYBE. Of course it depends in the effectiveness of the specific capture page. But if it’s an okay one then this may be the average. So to get 6 subscribers you need about 3000-4000 hits. That’s why in Step 10 I give team leaders instructions on increasing their hits and building their team to get enough hits. If you’re team is NOT getting 3000 – 4000 hits, you need to be working on a strategy to get there and soon! Your team’s well being depends on it. 
What is the three most important things to create to get a sale (besides having a good splash page and getting enough subscribers).
Some of you put “Know Like Trust” and you were correct. If people can begin to know like and trust you they will have much more confidence to take the jump to buy from you or try what you have out. 
12 – 15
How do you get Small Ticket sales? How do get Medium Ticket Sales? How do you get High Ticket Sales? 
Torab mentioned that for selling high ticket items: “By medium ticket buyers being happy and trusting you.” And Torab’s on the right track.
Answers to 12-15: So for small, medium and high ticket items, I believe it was John who mentioned having a funnel in place. And yes a funnel is important and also “know, like & trust” (just creating an increased amount of trust and confidence in the buyer is required to make a high ticket sale). The customer has to be thinking that “I think I can turn this around and make a big profit myself.” They also have to have a big belief in you to take the plunge. That’s why your story is so important for them to be able to identify with you!
PS: Many of you have inquired this week about the Prosperity Marketing System (PMS). So here is the page you can go to see Jeff’s funnel. PMS allows you to make money faster and this is awesome, but it doesn’t have the same team element you need inside GDI. Just know that you must have 1000 hits a week to join it under us. We want you to succeed in GDI first!
If you do and join it, Elizabeta and I will help you by giving you a new splash pages to promote and help you succeed with it just as we are.  We will also help give you deeper insight into what you are accomplishing in GDI Team Elite.
Here is more about the Mentors Program too and how we will help you if you join this program under us too:
In GDI Team Elite (I realize as I look over the last two years) that I would have never been able to build a big team if I had not been patient and curious to learn from others. I would have quit early if I had only my focus on how much money I had made and if I had not been daily persistent to keep maintaining what I had built and daily building more through advertising.
It’s unfortunate but many have this expectation that they will make a massive amount of money in six months but have no idea the sacrifice it takes to create anything of real value. I hope this has been encouraging to you as you begin to build your GDI business! 
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Don’t forget everything of real value takes time to build! Be patient with yourself. 🙂






This week we had 16 subscribers, 2 people asked for links, 2 people emailed me back and signed up. 

Congrats to our newest member: Donald Foos!


Congrats to Grahame for highest hits forth week in a row! 6,463! Congrats to Rob & Charlotte for 2,264 hits, Stein with 2,094 KC for 1,547, special congrats to Rodney’s first full week of 1661 and Douglas with 949. Keep up the good work and trying for 1000 Ruby & William. Keep working on the Sixteen Steps and keep up your 1000 hits. You WILL become a team leader if you do! Also to ALL the people to hit over a 1000 hits last two weeks!   …(read more here)

This Weeks 

Hit Counts



Here are the hit counts from March 1 – March 8th for all those who are generating hits.

If you meet the weekly requirement of getting at least 1000 hits using your team link, you will get your 6 over the course of time”. 

. We would prefer you get hits from safelists sites because we have documented evidence that we are getting sighnups from Safelists.

This is NOT true for TE’s. Although some Text Exchange (TE) sites may get our name out there and may have some use as far as “branding” (The list of TE’s inside TE Profits are better) we would suggest you use your time wisely. SOME TE’s are a complete waste of time and money.

.Please see the GDI TE guidelines about this at

.The key is to advertise particularly in safelist sites, everywhere you possibly can.

All those in my group even with zero counts will still get the team emails as always and the stats will be reset every Saturday afternoon Pacific time.

GDI User Names Listed Below:

7albie – 2,150

ericagyekum103 – 

shane73 – 1

lyncoulter – 4

Srjas19 –

geefster – 0

Juanbenero77- 0

Torab8 – 420

rjs28 – 0

Edarch3 – 

Hostmartz – 0

Gdinor – 2,094

LaJon8 – 0

 realincome73 – 1

sailorob – 2,264

Bywide – 0

BearpawGeneral – 1

JoinJeff1 – 0

r2rguru – 0

vv8000 – 0

BruceHarvey123 – 0

ernie297 – 2

1696 spcrane – 0

wairoa1 – 387

monax1 – 6

tvega – 1

mrex848 – 0

10dollarbiz – 

apurba – 4

michealpett – 557

best4u – 277

blueskye – 6,463

Colake02 – 663

gdihomebz – 

giltafuta55 – 

hipgrandpaw – 0

successunlimited2019 – 78

reidburnz72 – 3

extracash4all – 216

jcesero – 11

paleface – 0

davesdreamteam – 1

Kieth19 –

Successclub – 0

easymoney222 – 1

Onlinewealth – 949

noboss8 – 1

10roger4 –

Knightz2 – 1,547

TheGem – 665

TeamTerrelTill – 1

ian64 – 11

rodneycolemanonline – 1661



2 weeks back: 18,303 

4 weeks back: 14,591 

(Almost beat highest score!) 

6 weeks back: 23,050

We beat our highest score 18 weeks back!

18 weeks back: 23,221




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