Your Dynamic Self

Important Note: 

This week we have reset all the passwords to the Sixteen Steps, so please contact me if you need the new one so you can get in!


Sailing with Albie!

Hope Your Having a Happy New Year! 

If you don’t plan ahead, you will fall into someone else’s plan.  

Hello Team!

How are you this week? This week we had 11 opt in’s including requests to join and 3 new sign ups this week. Welcome Walter, Steve and Jeremy to the team!

 Thank you Elizabeth helping us with Step Ten.  Elizabeth’s team Marija, Esther, Igor, Krishna, Brenna, Andrjez, and Robert are off to a good start and Elizabeth is sending their own team letter now! They have had one new member join their team this week! 

Arthur has his autoresponder finished and is ready to go. Torab (under Arthur) has received two new members to his team from our combined advertising! 

Congrats to, Torab and Edet,  for getting  their 1000 hits!

Good try Lynette for 468 hits and Arthur with 494

 Good job everyone working to get to the next step or to get hits for the team including John Vance, Lynette, and Shane.

 Shane, Richard, Mark, Andrjez, Juan, Brenna, Chamroen, Phil, Joseph, Esther, Brian Ramirez and Henry please contact me this week as we want to help you find success on our team too! 

We did combined total of 7,203 hits this week. If you add both our teams hits together we had 18,203. Thank you for all your hits this week. For some we need to put in some more effort. We could NOT have done that many hits without ALL of your help. This combined total allowed us to bring in 0 new members this week, so remember how important you are to all of this.

Don’t forget that getting a 1000 hits allows you to be qualified to receive new members under you and become a team leader also.  Also don’t forget to go after getting you $25 starting bonus while you have time!

This week I want to share with you thoughts on your most DYNAMIC self and “Sharing What You Love.”




Seasons Greetings!


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 Scroll down below article to find HIT COUNTS 🙂





Your Dynamic Self

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