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Welcome from Albie Derbyshire & Elizabeta Kuzevska
Creators of The Online Marketing Acadamy.

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You don’t want to lose this TREASURE TROVE
of life-changing tips working online.

To find out exactly how the Formula works, watch this video!

Whether you’re a newbie or advanced marketer,
you will learn a lot, so watch it to the end.

The poor work for money but the rich make their
money work FOR them.

So our whole strategy involves showing you…

how to make money from $0 and then how to reinvest…

that money in more powerful businesses that
have the potential to help you begin earning six figures or more.

It is essentially teaching you how to make your money
work for you with any smart business you invest in.

Along the way, we show you the best advertising to get
the results you’re looking for!

The Formula:

When you’ve finished checking out the formula, come back here
for your
FREE GIFTS! (Worth $300)

Get your Free Traffic & Advertising Credits HERE.

Go to The MASSIVE Advertising Method &
The Advertising Crash Course HERE.

The Cash Now Funnel HERE


Step 1:


Complete Each Step ONE At A Time!

Complete Each Step to Earn!

If you need income like “RIGHT NOW!” then
simply go below the “START with $0 Income” below.

Just understand that as a free member its harder
to make good returns
and you will have to work
your way up to better earnings with time and patience.

If however, you have some money to invest and

want to JUMP START your business with $1…

…then you can join our main program and start
earning at a much higher level from the beginning. You will also
find the MASSIVE Advertising Method used by pros to earn inside.

You will also get ALL the Share Codes to this funnel so you
can advertise it just like we do!
(See Step 10)

In other words, you will get a page just like
this to help with your advertising.*

*See Step 10 for details.

Join and get started at either
the Free or Paid below:

Get started
with the
Cash Now Funnel

This method waits 2 weeks to pay out initially and
then you can get paid daily as soon as the sale/s
clear. See PLS program for more specific details.

At any time, come back here
to continue the Steps.

Start for Free

Bigger Sales = Bigger Income.
So that’s what’s next.

There are only a handfull of ways
to earn online:

1. Read all the details in this article.* HERE
*There are no links in this article,so use the links listed below:

Links for the article:

Earning by clicking ads for the coop:
LeadsLeap here

Learning SEO: ​Wealthy Affiliate: here.

Probably the EASIEST way to earn online where
you can EARN the most is from #4 in the article: promoting
on safelists.
So we’re going to teach you how
do this!

This is going to give you a fighting chance
at making a sale online
. Free members
ALWAYS earn much less then paid members. However,
there is a program that will give you as reasonable a rate
of return as you will ever find promoting traffic.

Now of course, you could start promoting JVZoo affiliate
products or Clickbank and perhaps earn more…but I never had
much success promoting them and we doubt you will either unless you
understand and become skilled at SEO.

In fact 35% is almost unheard of for a free member promoting traffic.
That’s means that if you get a referral and they pay a $70 upgrade, you will
earn somewhere around $24. That’s pretty great for being a free member!
Of course I can’t predict your earnings or what exactly you will
get when you do earn.

This is just my best estimate. At anytime you may upgrade and gain a higher
earning potential.
This is completely optional.

There is a small catch however to obtaining this rate.
You have to do a little consistent work to earn it.
FreeAdvertisingForYou (FAFY) now as a free member.
You may upgrade if you have the

ability to but it’s optional.

You will find all the details to getting the free Pro
upgrade inside under the “9 Steps to Success” Tab.

You will need to earn the free upgrade to Pro and then
your earnings percentage will go up.

On top of this, if you follow the instructions,
your chances of earning real cash prizes goes up
. In fact, I click daily

on FAFY without even trying to earn prizes and have won many
completely by accident.

I’ve also earned cash from referrals I’ve brought in and cash prizes
that were paid out in a timely manner without me
even having to ask for them!

If you show loyalty to FAFY, you will find that FAFY will
reward you. However, I cannot guarantee your earnings will be
like mine
or that you even will get sales. It is only my best
guess that you will have success with FAFY.

Don’t miss reading all “9 Steps to Success” in FAFY to see
all the advantages you can get!

Watch this video to know how to get started:

To get a special splash page made by Albie
to help you have more of a chance to succeed,

then simply email Albie (or your sponsor) and ask them
to set up the page for you. Please include your full name
and a picture of yourself (optional). You can email them below:

Sponsor’s Name:

Albie Debyshire



You will want to promote FAFY on as many free ad
sites as possible.
Go HERE to learn how to begin advertising.

The credits you earn from FAFY, we suggest you advertise
with them (don’t advertise FAFY on FAFY).
LeadsLeap will pay free members 20%.

So for a referral who upgrades in LeadsLeap, you will earn somewhere
around $4 (which is more than you will earn from most other places).
This is just our best guess and you will need to see LeadsLeap
for specific details. As always we cannot guarantee earnings.

While you’re working to earn your first commission,
you may go to our Steps to Six Figures Training.

Are you looking for accountability, personal help, guidance
and the ability to understand how to begin going after earning
six figures? Then look no further! We will help you personally.

Watch this short 3 min. video for more details 🙂

Go to Steps to Six Figures Training Here

When you have earned your first $10 online, then

we are going to show you how to invest it in STEP 2
and how to turn it into much more!

Congratulations when you complete this Step!

You can continue to earn with this method as long as you like.
However, when you’re FINISHED with this go to Step 2

Step 2:

Make $10 so you can upgrade to
Traffic Exchange
Elite List Building (ELB)

When you promote ELB and someone upgrades, you
earn 50%!
This is quite a difference from 35% and you only need to
pay $10 to get it. So when someone you refer comes in and upgrades to
the $10 level, you earn $5. If they upgrade to a higher level and say
pay $60 or more, you earn $30 (or more)!

You only ever need to pay ten once to earn fifty percent
over and over again. That’s the beauty
of this. 🙂

It is also your option to save up to $100 and get the
“Founders” upgrade. This will do two things:

1) Allow you to earn 80% from all upgrades
in the future.

2) Allow you to only pay $100 instead of $150 for this
upgrade later.

Go HERE to learn how to begin advertising.
You will also get additional advertising help inside ELB.

Go to Step 3 after you learn how to advertise and get

the hang of how to do it.

Step 3:

Earn $7 so you upgrade and earn more!
Earn ADDITIONAL $6 Paychecks Over & Over
from Lead Lightning. Pay $7 Only ONCE.

Help others earn and get daily leads!

You do NOT need to promote or advertise Lead Lightning!
We will be showing you in Steps 4-6 how to
promote and advertise ALL your links on one page
(your own Formula page like this).

Continue generating basic income + credits. Advertise ELB
with daily credits. You will find your affiliate links inside
ELB under the “Affiliate tools” tab area. Update your
important links inside ELB under “Choose Traffic Sites“.
Get lots of free Promo Codes here to advertise!

When you’re done, move on to Step 4 below.

Step 4:

Make $5 two times ($10) so you can upgrade
GDI ($10 mo)
and let us help you to build a website. You can find out
more about GDI
here. You can see GDI
instructions here.

Make sure to update and add your important links
(LeadsLeap, TrafficAdbar, Easyhits4U, and GDI)
inside ELB under “Edit Profile Links“.

An important thing to understand is that anyone
who joins GDI under you and promotes this site
over and over again, can bring new people in under
you and then those people can do the same and it can go on
and on for 5 levels under you!

GDI is really an awesome way to build leveraged income
and it’s a super legit business with a great reputation too.

When you’re done with getting your GDI account set up,
go to Step 5 next.

Step 5:

We will help you learn how to use your blog to
host this Formula on your website
. We will help you
add the pre-built HTML code. It will be
emailed to you by your sponsor. Your
sponsor’s name and email
is here:


Albie Derbyshire


You can see an example of my
GDI blog post right

You can see the directions from the video
on how to set your HTML on your
blog here.

Don’t forget to replace all sponsor

links with your links.

Your GDI site will be HTTP
but many people who work on safelists
still open HTTP without a problem.

If you want to get
HTTPS, then you can buy a WordPress
blog from “NameCheap” or somewhere similar
with HTTPS and hosting for $10 – $20 additional.
You can go here if you want to do this.

Finally, this step will allow you to earn from
all of your links without having to
promote them separately! It’s
really genius.

We have another surprise for you
in enabling you to promote all your
links simultaneously in
Step 10 also!

When you’re done with setting up your blog with
the Formula on it, then go to Step 6 below.

Step 6:

Use this training to create your first capture page
inside of LeadsLeap as a free or upgraded member:

Go to ELB. Then scroll down to
Email Marketing Free Training” tab. See training on
The truth about list building” and “How to create
a capture page for free

Follow these steps above to create a capture page.
Make sure that when someone opts in (puts their name
and email in the box) that it will redirect them to
your GDI blog site with this Formula page!

Ok so to summarize, you will be promoting your capture page
on ad sites
. When someone subscribes, you get their name
and email on your list in LeadsLeap and they in turn get redirected
to your blog page. Your blog page will have this Formula on it!

As always, it’s a numbers game and the more subscribers you get,
the higher the chances are that they will read this Formula on your
blog page and join as a free or paid member in your programs.

If they don’t then you have the greatest helper in
your cause:
your automatic emails that your
subscribers get each day reminding them of why it
would be a good idea to join you. This is how you
build “know, like and trust” with your subscribers and
trust is needed to create sales.

Keep earning $$ and earning credits each day.

Get started promoting your capture page that sends
them to your GDI website
and eventually you will

get members to join: 1. LeadsLeap 2. ELB and 3. GDI.

When you feel ready for a challenge,
continue to Step 7 below:

Step 7:

Want to try the “Earn $50 in 1 Day” Strategy?
You can go here to see how it works

Once you have worked it and set it in motion you can add
this strategy to this funnel by replacing the link above
to be your own
and continue to earn from it using
this page to get referrals and sales.

Continue to Build your downline and leverage
5 levels deep through GDI.

This is important to build a leveraged income. Why?
Because you will build your team many levels down
and you will discover the power of duplication.

When you feel like you’re ready to continue, go to Step 8 below:

Step 8:

Take your earnings from LeadsLeap, ELB,
Lead Lightning and GDI and upgrade to the

Prosperity Marketing System PMS ($12 mo)
or the
Power Lead System PLS ($30 mo)
or both. I use both of these systems every
day in my marketing.

​You can see the “Prosperity
HERE. This funnel is made specifically to
help PMS members.
The share code for this funnel
is inside PLS (Step 10) and PMS (Share Codes for Pages).
See your sponsor for more details. Here’s a video about
the benefits of using the Prosperity Marketing System
with the Formula:

Now you have two monthly memberships to cover:
GDI & PMS ($22 month total). Don’t promote anything
except your capture page that promotes the Formula
on your GDI blog site. You will get upgrades in everything
that you have a link for inside.

PMS and PLS will help you learn marketing
and the 5 Critical Skills (1. advertising, 2. capture page
, 3. building your list, 4. effective communication
with your list
and 5. effective funnel building).

Not only will PMS & PLS help you to learn these skills
through trainings connected with them but will
give you tools to implement them. PLS has every
tool inside of it without you needing to upgrade in any
other program.

If you join PLS, then go to Step 10 now
and get everything set up there. Come back and finish Step 9
when you have time.

Mastering these skills will change everything for you!

When you’re ready to continue, go to Step 9 below:

Step 9:

Keep increasing your earnings until you can upgrade inside
Elite List Building to VIP Level.
($100 – 150 cost)
See Ellie’s blog 3 to increase your knowledge
and earnings

When you’re done with this step,
move on to Step 10 below:

Step 10:

When your earnings start to increase,
then you want to take the PATH to potentially earn
six figures: join PLS at the Gold level.

You can find out more

Keep upgrading as high as you can so
you can earn more. See details:

<> _______________ <>

PLS’s Lead Lightning costs one time $7 and
earns you $6 over and over again.

PLS Gold earns you $20 monthly residual
per customer!

PLS’s Lead Generation Academy earns
you $90 monthly residual per customer*
*See PLS compensation plan for
further details.

PLS’s Diamond Level earns you $100 over
and over again per customer.

PLS’s Platinum Level earns you $400 over and
over again per customer.

PLS’s Master Traffic Institute earns you $1000
over and over again per customer.

<> ____________ <>

Below, you will find the link to the share code page and instruction video
how to set up the Formula and all your PLS share codes and pages. It will be
much easier than having to set up HTML.

In fact PLS makes it possible to share endless amounts of funnels,
capture pages, splash pages, opt in pages, sales pages
and welcome pages with you!

All you will need to do is enter the share code, and
follow a few instructions and your page will be set.
Go in and edit
the links and you’ll be done! Then set up the capture page you wish
to promote (make sure its connected to the opt in page and sales page.
You can test it to be sure by entering your name and email into it and see what
happens. If you need any help, just contact your sponsor or Albie.

Advertise your splash page and get as many people joining safelists
as you can and also going to visit this Formula
(the one with your links).

In time you will notice upgrades in all your affiliate
links and in PLS.


You can get your Share Codes to this
complete funnel with promotional pages

you can use for advertising as well.
Go here to see more

There will be a link below where you can begin PLS’s
Cash Now Funnel and learn the
5 Critical Skills and
how to go after getting more and more subscribers.

By joining PLS, we will give you a pre-made
61 email campaign
to help you promote
GDI, PMS, and PLS (if you joined all three) and the
training to learn how to promote
every one of your links also!

Simply ask your sponsor
for more details.


Keep going through the Training below and continue
learning and increase your skills till you’re earning
what you set out to earn!

You can begin the training to learn the
5 Critical Skills.
Get started

Earning Strategies:

Here’s Ellie’s blog post 1 with additionl info here.

You can see Ellie’s blog post 2 (GDI setup) instructions here.

Want to try the “Earn $50 in 1 Day” Strategy?
You can go here to see how it works

See Ellie’s blog 3 to increase your knowledge
and earnings


Special Thanks to John Vance,
Jamie Terrel, Rosina Bignall and other team members
who helped Albie & Elizabeta create this Formula!

We look forward to working with you!

Albie Derbyshire
Elizabeta Kuzevska
cell: 626-379-5692

EliAlbie67@gmail.com Albie Derbyshire Elizabeta Kuzevska 877-521-5505 cell: 626-379-5692

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