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This page is a few weeks old. To see the newest hits, go here

In the last week we’ve had 33 subscribers. We had 10 people asked for links, 8 persons emailed us back and in PMS we had 2 sign ups and in PLS we had 1 sign up and 0 members in GDI Team Elite. 🙂 

To become a team leader and get your six, you have to be getting 1000 hits or more and going through the training. For Team leader you must be past Step Seven. Great work Team! Congrats to our new members: Stephen McGhee (PMS), David Rankins (PMS & PLS). 

Congrats to our members from last week: Welcome to Alastair Ruddick (GDI), Amber Lombard (GDI), Donald (PMS), and Noel Guilaoro (PMS)

Also we have good news as KC and Mats are our newest team leaders! Eamonn passed Step 3! 

Congrats to:

Congrats to myself for highest hits of 3,601, congrats to Alastair for second highest hits of 2,920 congrats to Eamonn for third highest hits of 2,196, congrats to Forris for forth highest hits of 1,541

Keep working harder to get to 1000! 🙂 

*Don’t forget that 1000 hits + going through the Sixteen Steps = the only way you qualify to get 6 members and become a team leader.


GDI Team Elite – 0

Prosperity Marketing System – 2

Power Lead System – 1


Don’t forget you all make it happen!


  Keep working on the Sixteen Steps and keep up your 1000 hits. You WILL become a team leader if you do!





Here are the hit counts from  July 19th – July 29th for all those who are generating hits.

If you meet the weekly requirement of getting at least 1000 hits using your team link, you will get your 6 over the course of time”. 

. We would prefer you get hits from safelists sites because we have documented evidence that we are getting sighnups from Safelists.

This is NOT true for TE’s. Although some Text Exchange (TE) sites may get our name out there and may have some use as far as “branding” (The list of TE’s inside TE Profits are better) we would suggest you use your time wisely. SOME TE’s are a complete waste of time and money

.Please see the GDI TE guidelines about this at

.The key is to advertise particularly in safelist sites, everywhere you possibly can.

All those in my group even with zero counts will still get the team emails as always and the stats will be reset every Saturday afternoon Pacific time.


7albie – 3,601

lyncoulter –

Torab8 –

sailorob – 58

BearpawGeneral – 2

wairoa1 – 19

monax1 – 2

michealpett –

best4u – 2

bluskye – 4

Colake02 – 2

successunlimited2019 –

reidburnz72 –

jcesero – 2

Onlinewealth (Douglas) –

Knightz2 – 6

TheGem – 45

rodneycolemanonline –

angler625 –

Onlinewealth (Duncan) –

Dakesgdi1 –

bruce1615 –

karenjw2020 – 

Lorenzo nkouedjo –

wmyrral –

Shane197336 –

WinningwithDan –

tupuivaolavemauga51 –

Goodwin35 – 1,541

Muluhia – 2

matsonline – 5

moneyadvisor –

mlewis1236 – 2

tambudzai –

kennysbiz88 –

3x3z – 2

aidajankauskait – 8

cryptomonster –

jimbomsw –

melc2020 –

hostsmartz – 2

emcevoy – 2,196

ahruddick123 – 2,920

This Week’s


Last Week: 4,831 

Two Weeks: 5,239

3 weeks: 4 weeks: 5 weeks 6 weeks: 7 weeks: 8 weeks: 9 weeks 10 weeks:

11 weeks: 5,586, 

12 wks back: 13,727,

30 weeks back: 25,331

(Third highest Score!)

31 weeks back: 15,123

32 weeks back: 26,187

(Second Highest Score!)

41 weeks back: 29,989

(highest score ever!!)

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